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As I begin my year as a Dazzler, I understand I am undertaking a challenging role of physical and mental fitness. I promise to uphold the values and standards of this dance team, and everyday I will remind myself that:

* I will treat others like I wish to be treated

* As I reach for the stars and dream, I will keep my feet on the ground

* I will never underestimate what I can achieve

* Hard work will eventually bring success

* "Eventually", may be a day, week, month, or year

* My own pride should never make another feel less

* My reputation is precious and delicate and I need to treat it as such

* A moment passes but once and then it is gone, so I will treasure each moment and never waste it.

* Words can heal or hurt, so I will choose mine carefully

* May the phrase, "Thank you" be said to me many times for it means I have helped others

* I will say thank you when others have helped me

* If something wrong is being offered to me, I will use the word "NO"

* The wisdom of my parents outweighs my own

* I am who I am today because of those who raised me, they deserve to be
honored and respected

* If all I do is learn to dance, than I have learned nothing

*** If my dance teaches me to express myself; to work with others; to develop a sense of pride; to have discipline; to use my disappointment and failure to turn me into a stronger person, then I have the tools I need for life.

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